Yearly Events in Michigan

The city of Lansing, Michigan has plenty of great things that happen throughout the year that is fun for the entire family. It is just a matter of knowing what is going on and when. Lansing is such a great city to participate in these events. Lansing is even great for those who do not drive as people can take Lyft to travel from place to place. Never having to worry about owning your own car is much nicer because you just call, get a ride and go. Here are some of the events that a Lyft discount can get you to.

Events to do with kids

Impression 5 Science Center at 200 Museum Dr. Lansing

Impressions 5 Science Center - Lansing, Michigan

November 12, 2016, the Impression 5 Science Center at 200 Museum Dr. Lansing, MI is hosting their Hot Wheels Race to Win- Built It! Parking Garage. This is where from 10am -5pm kid of all ages can build their own cars and race them to see whose is faster.


Futurist Designer

2nd Saturday at the Michigan History Center and Archives of Michigan at 702 W. Kalamazoo St. Lansing, MI is the Futurist Designer. This is where kids have a chance to make all things out of this world from 11am- 3pm. There is a fee of $6 for adults over the age of 18 and only $2 for those under 17, 5 and under are free.

Show just for girls

November 11th, 2016 there is a great show just for girls reminding them just where they came from them and how great they are. It is from 6:30-9pm at 3355 Dunckel Rd, Trinity Church, MI. Prices for tickets are $18.00-$45.00 and is for 7-12-year-olds and their mom to have a blast being different and trying out the best in the fashion world. Make it extra special by using a special Lyft offer to get to this red carpet event!

Events for adults

Holt Farmers Market Lansing, Michigan

Holt Farmers Market

Holt Farmers Market occurs through December, 30th 2017 every Saturday. Located at 2150 Cedar Street Holt, MI. It is a great place to purchase goods from local artists and farmers. It runs from 9am-2pm and is never disappointing. Just be sure to use Lyft to get a ride to and from so that you can have enough room for all of your purchases. Just don’t forget to use the coupon code Lyft that you can find in Mamma , one of the best discounts websites. You will be very glad that you did.

Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon is a tour that takes you on a woodsy walk at nighttime. You are welcome to bring your hound with you. The cost is $3 per walk/ per person. It is 3998 Van Atta Rd. Meridian Charter Township, MI every 3rd Friday at 7pm. Do not forget to wear your walking shoes!

Absolute Music Chamber Series

Absolute Music Chamber Series Lansing Michigan

Absolute Music Chamber Series Located at 1213 Turner Street Lansing, MI at 7:30 PM Dec 1st. The cost is $20-$22 depending on how you purchase your ticket. This is a great experience for an up close and personal seat where you can really experience the soul of each musician involved. If you enjoy the piano and the cello don’t miss this event.

Check out all of these events and use Lyft to get to and from them. You will be glad that you did.