Best Places to Eat in Lansing, Michigan

Being the capital city of Michigan, Lansing has its own characteristic culinary culture compared to other cities. Since it is also home to Michigan State University, many of its restaurants are also college and family-friendly. It’s easy to spot coffee shops and Starbucks in every turn. So before you go into one of these best places to eat in Lansing, use up your Starbucks coupon code for a warm latte or a petit vanilla scone to get your appetite rolling. Lansing’s culinary flair is vibrant, and there’s no doubt that any one of these places will satisfy your cravings.

1. Soup Spoon Cafe

Soup Spoon Café - Lansing, Michigan

We can certainly start with a hearty brunch at the Soup Spoon Café. You can get anything from crab cakes and poached eggs to the usual stack of buttermilk pancakes. Sitting in this restaurant alone will give you a feel for what they offer. Their walls are lined with tasteful art pieces and so is their menu. You can enjoy a mix of international flavors for lunch and dinner and even enjoy a full bar if desired. They also serve vegan and gluten-free options. Make sure to make reservations as wait times can easily reach to an hour or more.

2. Deluca’s

Deluca's Lansing Restaurant

If you’re up for some Italian, it’s good to know that Deluca’s has been voted the best pizza in Lansing by the popular majority. Deluca’s portion sizes are enormous for the price, and they will never skimp out on your toppings either. But that’s not all. They can definitely serve more than pizza, and their classic Italian dishes are just as good. If you’re coming to Deluca’s, you should definitely come hungry. You may be able to use the some of your Starbucks promo codes after, but don’t plan on it after Deluca’s.

3. Meat Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine

Meat Southern BBQ Carnivore Cuisine - Lansing, Michigan

Who says you can’t get southern BBQ up north? Lansing happens to have one of the best BBQ places in the industry known as Meat Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine. They have their own smokehouse and their own blend of BBQ flavors. They are famous for serving their hefty meat portions on metal trays, and they even have a French fry bar. Make sure to pile on the brisket and their made-to-order mac and cheese. You’ll leave feeling full and thinking of when you’ll be going back.

4. Mitchell’s Fish Market

Mitchell's Fish Market - Lansing, Michigan

Lansing can also offer something else other than pure carnivorous grub. At Mitchell’s Fish Market, you can enjoy fine American Seafood in a quieter atmosphere. The restaurant will make you feel like you’re in the Bahamas, and their seafood is certainly just that fresh. Their creative menu will leave you undecided as to what to order, as they have a wide selection of fish from cobia to Chilean sea bass. They also offer non-seafood options for those who just can’t stay away from land. Mitchell’s is one restaurant you’ll just have to keep going back to just to try all the items on their menu.

5. Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill

Zaytoon's Mediterranean Grill - Lansing, Michigan

It’s hard to get Mediterranean food right if you’re not anywhere close to the Mediterranean. However, Zaytoon in Lansing will serve you the freshest and best tasting Mediterranean food in the area. Their casual menu goes beyond the typical Greek hummus dip into an array of Middle Eastern dishes as well. They have authentic shawarma and kafta dishes as well as an array of vegetarian options. Zaytoon is a great option if you’re just craving something out of the ordinary.